Truth or Drink
Truth or Drink
Truth or Drink
Truth or Drink

Truth or Drink

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We created a set of questions you’d never dare ask out loud. Will you tell the cold hard truth or have a nice stiff drink?

(Shot glasses are recommended but optional.)

Truth or Drink comes with:

  • 5 different decks (432 questions on 220 cards + 55 strategy cards)
    • On the Rocks: Classic, inquisitive questions that are safe for work
    • Extra Dirty: Very racy and salacious – definitely NSFW
    • Happy Hour: Radically affirming questions for when you want to be nice to each other
    • Last Call: Questions that put your relationships to the ultimate test
    • With a Twist: A deck that adds strategic gameplay
  • All in a very handsome box!

Watch people play Truth or Drink!

You can also get our print-at-home PDF download version.