Meet Fear Pong.

A game we probably shouldn’t have made, but you lunatics wanted it.

Just as crazy and raunchy as the hit YouTube series, Fear Pong is guaranteed to make you do something you never thought you would. If that all sounds like too much, you should probably stick to regular beer pong.

How to Play

Fear Pong: Internet Famous
Fear Pong: Internet Famous
Fear Pong: Internet Famous
Fear Pong: Internet Famous
Fear Pong: Internet Famous
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This is a PRE-ORDER. Our first print run sold out fast, so reserve your copy of the second edition while supplies last. Orders placed now will start shipping around September 23.

Beer pong with a twist. Watch people play it here.

  • 200 dares, on 100 waterproof plastic cards.
  • + 12 more blank cards, to write your own dares.
  • A pair of big red balls.
  • An instruction sheet.
  • All in a cool box!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I just finished playing. Will I be able to unsee what I just saw?
    Maybe after a few drinks. No promises though.

    Are the cards the same ones in the YouTube series?
    Some, but not all. We hate spoilers.

    Is this where I apply to get on the YouTube show?
    No, but if you live in Seattle you can sign up at

    I live outside of the US, can I still receive a copy?

    What happens if I don’t want to do the dare?

    How long does shipping usually take?
    We expect Fear Pong to arrive in the US by end of August and start shipping in September.

    What happens if I hate the game?
    You probably won’t, but if you end up being one of the few, email us at